The Greater Metro Milwaukee Youth Football League offers middle school-aged athletes the opportunity to participate in the wonderful sport of tackle football. GMMYFL offers a competitive league in which organizations are able to combine athletes from 5th and 6th grades into one team and 7th and 8th grades into a separate team to compete against organizations with similar enrollment. GMMYFL emphasizes is the team building and the life lessons that come from a sport that requires 11 athletes to perform in unison to achieve a common goal. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline are all required for success in this League.



Our staff works with the Nicolet High School football program to acquaint the young athletes through practice, football camps and coaching clinics with an emphasis on common terminology, offensive schemes and defensive formations throughout their active years in the Nicolet community.  For more information visit the Nicolet Athletics Page.



Organized by USA Football,  Heads Up Football promotes a safe way to practice and play the game.  The program features key safety issues across any league— and ensures that every coach understands and knows how to implement each component of the program.