Is this tackle or flag football?  
The Junior Knights program is broken into two levels. 1st through 4th graders play flag football. 5th through 8th graders play 11-man tackle football.

What is the primary focus of Junior Knights Football?  
The primary focus is to promote the game of football in our community for 1st to 8th graders.  Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of the game in a positive, safe and fun environment.  Players will develop character, sportsmanship, work ethic, teamwork and leadership that will serve them throughout their lives.

Is football safe at this level?  
No contact sport is completely safe, but the goal of our coaching staffs is to make the game as safe as possible by teaching proper techniques and selecting positions that are appropriate based on the size and skill of the players.  Additional precautions include:

  1. We provide concussion testing free of charge to provide a baseline for your child in the event of a head injury.

  2. We utilize tackling pads to limit contact during tackling drills.

  3. We provide a medical professional be present at all games.

Does my child have to try out to make a team?  
No.  All eligible players will be placed on a team.  There are no cuts.

How can parents get involved during the season?  
Other than coaching, we need parent volunteers to help with equipment, fundraising, concessions, filming, chain gangs and running the clock.  The entire program is run by volunteers so there are numerous ways to be involved.

How are coaches selected?  
Head coaches are selected by the Junior Knight board.  Our pool of coaches consists of parents and other community members, some of whom may not have children in the program.  Head coaches are responsible for selecting their coaching staffs with guidance from the board.  All coaches are required to pass a background check.

Are coaching staffs the same for each season?  
Our goal is to have the coaching staffs move with the team as they progress from 5th to 8th grade, but we do have some natural turnover in the staffs due to job situations, family relocations, etc.


Who is eligible to play?  
Junior Knight Football is for players who reside in the Nicolet School District.  The exception:

  1. If a player attends a school within the Nicolet School District boundaries and the community of residence does not have a team.

How much does registration cost?  
Registration fees for the 2020 season will be $250 per player..

What is the refund policy?
If a player withdraws prior to the start of the second week of practice, the full registration fee will be refunded minus a $50 administrative fee.  No refund will be granted for any reason including injury if withdrawing after the start of the second week of practice.

What if a child wants to play, but the family can’t afford the registration fee?
Scholarships are available on a confidential basis by contacting Kirk Krychowiak at

Why is registration so early?
Our league begins scheduling in March so we need to commit to our number of teams by that time. We hold registration in February so we can determine the number of teams.

Can girls play?
Yes, we have had girls play in previous seasons.

Are there any weight restrictions?
Our league does not have a maximum weight limit, but there are limits on the weight of quarterbacks, running backs and receivers depending on grade:

  • 5th/6th Grade -- Maximum weight of 120 lbs.

  • 7th/8th Grade -- Maximum weight of 160 lbs.

Where do I go to register?
Visit our Programs Page to get started.  


What equipment is needed?
The registration fee covers all football equipment and uniforms with the exception of football cleats.  We do provide a mouth guard, but many families choose to purchase a mouth guard. 

When is equipment hand out?
Equipment will typically be handed out the first Sunday in August at Nicolet High School.  We highly encourage players to get their equipment on that day.  If not possible, alternative arrangements will be made.  Equipment will not be issued without a player and parent/guardian present as the equipment must be sized properly and the equipment form must be signed.

When do I return equipment?
Equipment will be turned in on the Monday night after our last game of the season  All equipment other than T-shirts and game socks, if issued, must be turned in on that date.

What does my child wear to practice?
For conditioning week, players are to wear shorts and a Junior Knights T-shirt along with football cleats.  Each grade is issued a different color T-shirt so they can be easily identified during conditioning.  We recommend that players buy molded-plastic cleats and not screw-in cleats.  Players are also required to bring a large water jug with their name.  During the last few days of conditioning, players will also wear their helmets.  We prefer they wear their helmets prior to starting contact to make sure there are no sizing issues.


How many teams are there at each grade level?  
The number of teams is based on participation level.  We will either have one or two teams at each level.

When do practices start?  
The season typically starts the first or second Monday in August.   Teams practice Monday – Friday from 5:30 – 7:30 at Nicolet High School during August.  There are typically two Saturday scrimmages after the second and third week of practice.  For the first ten hours of practice, it is mandatory that there be no contact under league rules.  During the first week, all teams go through “conditioning week” together to fulfill the ten hour requirement.

Do teams play against other communities?  
Flag football teams are organized by elementary schools and will play at Nicolet High School on Saturday mornings.

Our tackle program is a member of the Greater Milwaukee Metro Youth Football League which consists of teams from southeastern Wisconsin.

Once school starts, when will teams practice?  

Flag football teams may practice on Tuesday nights for 1 hour.

Our tackle football teams are limited to six hours of practice per week during the school year.  Our practices are set for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night. 

When are games?
Each team will play games on Saturdays starting the Saturday after Labor Day with the season ending in late October.  Prior to the season, each team will know their opponents and locations their games. 

What can I do to get my child ready for the season? 
For new players, conditioning week is a challenge and often the hardest they have ever been asked to exert themselves.  To get them ready, we recommend they put down the video game controller and do some physical exercise prior to the season including push-ups, sit-ups and running including sprints and longer distance. 

What time are games on Saturdays? 
Most games are played at the following times:

  • 7th/8th Grade:  9 am

  • 5th/6th Grade: 10:45 am

  • Flag Football: 9 am

Games do not always conclude on schedule so there are days when the later games do not start on schedule.  Occasionally, games are played at different times on Saturdays depending on field availability.

Where are games played? 
Our home games are played at Nicolet High School. Our away games are played in surrounding communities.

Is my child guaranteed playing time?
Playing time is left up to each coaching staff.  If your child attends all the practices during the week and works hard, they will play in each game.  However, playing time is not equal among all players.

How are positions determined? 
Coaches are responsible for determining positions based on the size and skills of each player.  Coaches want players to be in positions where players can be successful and contribute positively to the team.

Do players get to play both offense and defense? 
Typically yes.  Players learn a position(s) on both sides of the ball, but depending on roster size, a player may only play one side of the ball during a game. 

What size are footballs? 
5th-8th grade teams use youth-size footballs.  The specific ball used by the Junior Knights teams is the Wilson TDY ball.  Flag football teams use junior-size footballs.  The ball is the Wilson TDJ.